Ethical Management

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Ethical Management

A Company Practicing Ethical Management. Corporate transparency and reliability are two important factors in evaluating a company.

It refers to corporate activities conducted by a company to fulfill the economic/legal responsibilities and ethical/social responsibilities required by that company to gain trust from all its concerned parties through practicing sound, transparent and fair management in its pursuit of profit serving as its ultimate purpose.


Why do Businessmen declare ethical management?

It is because ethical management is not just a matter of choice, but a requirement for corporate survival and competitiveness securement.
Many companies that ranked in the top 100 of Fortune’s Global 500 Companies in the past had to surrender their rank and disband their executives/employees, because they failed to practice ethical management.
However, many of those companies were brought back to life through practicing ethical management, and the positively evaluations made by consumers eventually led to a continuous increase in their enterprise value.
To practice ethical management is the way to be evaluated by customers as an honest, reliable company, by shareholders as a company guaranteed to make continuous progress, by executives/employees as a company ensuring good working environments, and by the nation as a respected company.

Ethical Management Code
Responsibilities and Obligations Related to Customers
  • To believe that customers are top priority
  • To respect customers’ opinions at all times, and to continuously create and provide values that contribute to customers
  • To gain unconditional trust from customers
Fair Competition
  • To have all business activities worldwide comply with applicable local laws
  • To secure superior competitiveness using just methods
Fair Trade
  • To have all trades comply with the principle of free competition guaranteeing equal participation opportunity
  • To pursue common progress through constructing mutual trust and cooperative relations based on transparent, fair trades
Basic Ethics for Executives/Employees
  • To establish correct values based on the belief in honesty and fairness
  • To fulfill missions through continuous self-development and fair job performance
  • To avoid a conflict of interests between the company and individuals
Responsibilities Related to Nation and Society
  • To make progress as a sound company through reasonable business approaches
  • To protect shareholders’ profits, and to make contributions to the people’s prosperous lives and social development

Our pledge in accordance with the declaration of ethical management. We hereby pledge that we will follow the instructions down below to actively participate in practicing ethical management based on honesty, fairness and sincerity in order to establish the culture of ethical management within the company and our everyday lives.

  • One. We lead the settlement of ethical management through reinforcing executives/employees’ ethics and complying with the ethical management code.
  • One. We respect customers’ intentions to the utmost extent possible and keep our promise with our client companies.
  • One. We promote mutual progress based on our win-win relationship through practicing fair trades with our partner companies
  • One. We never falsify our documents and calculations and always report with justice..
  • One. We establish the basic order and make employees’ transparent ethics part of our corporate culture.
  • One. We continue to make efforts to meet the requirements of SHINSUNG PEOPLE through continuous self-development/li>