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Status of Owned Patents

신성오토모티브(주) 보유기술현황
Date of Announcement Name
2009.06.01 Indoor Environment Control System/Method
2008.07.31 Method for Imprinting General-purpose UV Paint on Panels with UV Hard Coating Layer Formed and on Top Panels, and Involved Composition
2008.01.10 Drying Duct for Front-load Washer
2009.02.13 Insert Injection Molding Procedure
2010.09.02 Air-cleaning System Using Sensor Network
2011.03.02 Phosphorescent Side Blocks Based on Double-shot Injection Using Waste Plastic, and Involved Manufacturing Method
2009.12.22 Rotary Injection Apparatus for Ball Bearing
2009.04.07 Method for Manufacturing Ball Bearing through Insert Injection
2012.09.17 LED Lead Frame Injection Molding Apparatus(Multi Cavity)
2012.07.27 Led Lead Frame Molding Apparatus
2017.02.06 Terminal Case Using Glass Fiber
2017.02.06 Laminating Apparatus for Mobile Terminal Case Equipped with Lower UV Irradiation Module